Triad sou.

About the RcmdrPlugin.KMggplot2

I aim to make a brief version of a ggplot2 GUI-frontend "with Japanese translation (I am Japanese)."
I think that the Deducer and the is pretty good software.

Currently, I'm trying to find bugs and to restructure implementation approach for efficient maintenance.
Next, I will add and improve some functions based on user's feedback. Please send any feedback :)

Already planned

  1. Saving options on each menu (e.g., font size, font family, ...) [Added in version: 0.1-0]
  2. Fixing items in the font family option and the colour pattern option [Unimplemented]
  3. Adding a faceting interface in some menus (Thanks to Professor Murtaza Haider) [Added in version: 0.1-0]
  4. Adding themes [Added in version: 0.1-0]
  5. Adding univariate plots at diagonal positions in the scatter plot matrix [Added in version: 0.1-0]
  6. Adding violin plots in the box plot menu [Added in version: 0.1-0]
  7. Adding stacked bar charts in the bar chart menu [Added in version: 0.1-0]